Caldera 2
High-Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid
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Caldera 2 - High-Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid

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Caldera 2 - High-Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid

Product Description

Caldera 2 is a high-quality heat transfer fluid designed for systems that require a fluid with stability up to 630°F (332°C). The combination of high-quality base fluids and additives provides excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation. With improved thermal capacity and conductivity, Caldera 2 can increase system performance by enhancing the heat transfer capability. It is ideal for a wide range of applications that require a long-lasting and clean running fluid.


Temperature Range

Caldera 2 Temprange m+s



  • Closed and open loop systems with a maximum bulk temperature of 630°F (332°C)


Performance Advantages

  • Resistant against fluid degradations - Contributes to extended fluid life.
  • Low varnishing tendencies - Allows for clear operation and greater thermal transfer efficiency
  • Low volatility - Improves safety and decreases possibility of pump cavitations
  • Easy disposal - Can be disposed using mineral oil recycling sevices
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Minimal odor
Typical Properties
Caldera 2
Minimum Temperature, °F (°C)
28 (-2)
Maximum Film Temperature, °F (°C)
669 (354)
Maximum Bulk Temperature, °F (°C)
630 (332)
Pour Point, °F (°C)
-0.4 (-18)
Flash Point, °F (°C)
444 (229)
Fire Point, °F (°C)
471 (244)
Autoignition Point, °F (°C)
694 (368)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient, %/°C
Thermal Conductivity @ 38°C, W/m-K
Thermal Conductivity @ 260°C, W/m-K
Heat Capacity @ 38°C, kJ/kg-K
Heat Capacity @ 260°C, kJ/kg-K
Distillation Range (ASTM D2887), 10% °C
Distillation Range, 90%
Average Molecular Weight


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Fluid properties are typical results and should not serve as a sole resource for determining the correct fluid for a particular application. Please consult an Isel representative to ensure that the product is the correct choice for the application.

Caldera 2 Applications
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