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Exceptional Heat Transfer Fluids

Heat Transfer Fluids Designed to provide unsurpassed levels of performance, protection & life.

Caldera heat transfer fluids ensure that plant safety is maintained in the toughest conditions without sacrificing fluid quality. Our fluids are formulated to offer superior heat transfer capability at a wide temperature range. Using high-quality synthetic base stocks and advanced additive packages, Caldera fluids have greatly improved flash points, outstanding oxidative and thermal stability, and reduced vapor pressures. 

A leading heat transfer fluid manufacturer

Caldera heat transfer fluids product range is manufactured by Isel. We are driven to provide customers with the most advanced fluids at the best value, all supported by unmatched customer service. It’s why companies around the globe trust us to deliver the heat transfer fluids they depend on every day.

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Case Study Header Image
Case Study Header Image
Large Food Processing Facility

A food processing facility recently transitioned their heat transfer fluid to Caldera 3. This food grade heat transfer fluid is formulated using high quality base fluids and a combination of advanced additive technologies. The end result is a heat transfer fluid that offers a longer fluid life, reduced potential for sludge and varnish formation and improved thermal properties. After performing...READ MORE

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