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Thermal Oil & Heat Transfer Fluid Analysis Program

Fluid analysis test kits are ordered directly from Isel and are free of charge 

Regular fluid analysis is essential to a successful maintenance program. That is why Isel is proud to offer a fluid analysis program as a free service to all customers using Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids. This program is designed to enable technicians to have a powerful impact on their company’s revenue and the keep each piece of machinery operating at optimum heat transfer efficiency.

Our knowledgeable engineers and technical support team are available to provide expert product support and consultation. They will work directly with you to interpret fluid analysis results and consult on product/application recommendations. 

Isel’s fluid sample program blends our fluid expertise with our fully equipped in-house laboratory: 

  • Free program for customers using Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids - Tests include: Viscosity, flash point and TAN (total acid number). 
  • Detailed results per component (equipment) allows technicians to spot potential problems such as abnormal wear and contamination before they become serious issues 
  • Expertly discuss the impact of proper heat transfer system operation with customers - Isel can train your team on how oxidation, thermal degradation and contamination affect the heat transfer efficiency.
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