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Heat Transfer Fluids for Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing

The manufacture of plastics and rubber requires precise temperature control. Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids are used in different plastic manufacturing applications to achieve uniform and precise polymerization and polycondensation of polyester, nylon processing, and in the production of synthetic fibers, PET molding operations and other plastics processing operations.

In molding, extrusion, press heating, line tracing, coating rolls, vulcanizing and other plastic and rubber production machinery, Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids maintain their thermal stability and anti-oxidative properties. They are non-fouling, non-toxic and require no special disposal methods. Whether it’s a food grade, high temperature or dual-purpose application (heating and cooling), Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids offer a reliable alternative for your cooling, heating or drying needs in the plastics and rubber manufacturing process.

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