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What Makes Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids Different:

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At Isel, we work to thoroughly understand the machinery that you work with every day. We consider the operating conditions, fluid temperatures, OEM requirements, other fluids/gases the fluid may encounter and numerous other factors that may affect the heat transfer properties of a system. We then select the products to best suit that particular application. It’s how we can deliver on your expectations and provide the best products possible.

Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids are specifically engineered for each individual system while retraining key benefits such as a long fluid life, heat transfer efficiency, seal protection and more. 

Caldera Heat Transfer Fluid Advantages

Fluids that excel under the most demanding conditions such as extreme temperatures:

  • High flash and fire points - Reduced chance of clogged and carboned lines which can lead to reductions in heat transfer efficiency
  • Long life at temperatures above 260°C
  • Very low carbon forming tendencies 
  • Exceptional thermal stability - Maintains a higher flash point longer and resists thermal breakdown
  • Very low vapor pressure - Less chance of cavitation and a significant reduction in fluid loss from leaks and expansion tank loses
  • Protect internal surfaces from corrosion
  • Defend seals from heat damage and premature failure.
  • Are environmentally responsible

We Hold Our Products Up To The Highest Industry Standards: Yours

All Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids are formulated, blended and packaged via our state-of-the-art Micro-Batch manufacturing process. The result is a system that ensures speed and product accuracy no matter the size of the order — from a single 5-gallon pail to multiple tanker cars. 

Our unique blend of expertise, quality, value and service is how we can help you succeed in your fast-moving, competitive environment. We will work closely with you to make sure that every product that leaves our facility meets both our and your stringent quality standards. This makes us perfectly suited to support your need to become more competitive, lower costs and increase profitability.

Our quality management system embodies this philosophy and incorporates a sophisticated formulation development and management process, engineered control systems, strict material and manufacturing specifications and teammate training, including:

  • Thorough testing of all components
  • Quality checks on all finished products
  • All products are filtered to ensure the highest level of cleanliness
  • Retains are kept of all production batches
  • Traceability - unique blend identifiers provide a complete history of production and testing records
  • Advanced on-site laboratory

Each batch is tested according to ASTM specifications.

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