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Caldera Heat Transfer Fluid By Application

Caldera heat transfer fluids are ideal for a broad range of applications.

At Isel, we work to thoroughly understand the machinery you work with every day. This allows us to manufacture each fluid to provide the highest level of performance possible, specific to the application.

Whether you want precise temperature control for plastic manufacturing, a food grade HT-1 fluid, or a fluid for solar power generation, our unique approach combines detailed knowledge of heat transfer systems with decades of experience manufacturing advanced fluids.

Plastics & Rubber
The manufacture of plastics and rubber requires precise temperature control.
Asphalt storage and mix tanks and are equipped with heating coils and/or jackets to maintain the asphalt at the required temperature.
Die Casting
Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids ensure precise temperature control in die cast systems processing zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, pewter and tin based alloys.
Food Processing
Food processing facilities utilize Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids in heat intensive operations like frying, grilling, baking, drying and packaging.
Oil and Gas
Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids are highly effective in heat transfer systems installed in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas facilities.
Solar Power
Solar power generation is fast emerging as a reliable source of renewable energy.
Pharmaceutical Processing
The choice of heat transfer fluid used in pharmaceutical plants have a significant impact on operational efficiency, lifespan of processing equipment and long-term capital expenditure.
Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids are used in biodiesel, bioethanol and biomass-to-liquids manufacturing plants.
Chemical Processing
Several well-known chemical processes use Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids as a heat exchanger fluid.
Industrial Laundry
Industrial Laundries are beginning to switch to thermal fluid systems because they offer operational, cost and maintenance benefits over steam.
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