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Large Food Processing Facility
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Large Food Processing Facility

Project Description

A food processing facility recently transitioned their heat transfer fluid to Caldera 3. This food grade heat transfer fluid is formulated using high quality base fluids and a combination of advanced additive technologies. The end result is a heat transfer fluid that offers a longer fluid life, reduced potential for sludge and varnish formation and improved thermal properties. After performing the fluid change, the facility noted that it could lower its boiler temperature from 585°F to 550°F and still maintain their required operational temperatures.

Plant Details

  • The fluid returning to the boiler, after passing through the various heated processes, is a consistent 450°F – regardless of the fluid being used.
  • When utilizing competitive fluid, the boiler heats the fluid from 450°F to 585°F.
  • When utilizing Caldera 3, the boiler heats the fluid from 450°F to 550°F.
  • Both fluids are pumped through the boiler at 40 gallons per minute. The heater is run for 96 hours per week for all 52 weeks of the year.


Food Processing

Food processing facilities utilize Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids in heat intensive operations like frying, grilling, baking, drying and packaging.


Caldera 3 is formulated to meet HT-1 food-grade requirements without comprising performance or fluid life.


Switching from a competitive fluid to Caldera 3 resulted in the food processing facility saving approximately $6,236.15 (~35%) in energy costs per year. This is mostly related to the improved thermal properties of the Caldera 3 and its unique combination of high quality base fluids and advanced additive technologies.

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