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How To Clean A Heat Transfer System - Part II

How To Clean A Heat Transfer System - Part II

(Part I)

Even under the best conditions, a heat transfer fluid will eventually degrade. Commonly this happens over time due to a process known as oxidation — the chemical reaction that takes place between a fluid and oxygen. It’s an inevitability that ultimately brings the fluid’s useful life to an end. But it also happens due to contaminants, overheating and numerous other conditions have deleterious effects on the lifespan of a fluid.

System Cleaning and System Flush:

For new systems, flushing of the fluid is recommended to remove mill scale, weld splatter, slag, flux, quench oil, protective coatings, dirt and water.

For a heavily used system with a degraded heat transfer fluid and fouled heat transfer surfaces, it is recommended that the system be cleaned and flushed before a new fluid is added. This will help to ensure that the new fluid reaches its optimal lifespan and effectiveness. It also serves to remove carbon residue, varnish and other insoluble solids, restoring the thermal efficiency of the system.

For these systems seeing a reduction in heat transfer efficiency, Isel offers two options:

Adding a concentrated cleaner like Caldera Rescue HTF

Caldera Rescue HTF dissolves products of oxidation such as carbon vanish and sludge while the unit is still in operation. It is then discarded and replaced with a new heat transfer fluid. A 5 – 10 % system treat is typically applied when using concentrated cleaners. The system is allowed to run for 8 – 10 hours at temperature before an eventual flush.

Using a heat transfer fluid with cleaning properties

Caldera 16 and Caldera 19 are fully formulated heat transfer fluids and cleaners. They are long-lasting, light-duty cleaners designed to soften, dissolve, and suspend carbon and varnish deposits within heat transfer systems. The optimal cleaning solution is application dependent. You should contact Isel to determine the most optimal cleaning/flushing solution for your application.

Isel has numerous safe and effective solutions for cleaning systems. Our cleaners are balanced so they are strong enough to cut through heavy sludge and varnish, but specially designed to not hurt any seals or other critical components.

It is in your best interest to minimize the degradation rate of your heat transfer fluids. Doing so helps you:

  • Maximize the service life of the fluid, saving you money
  • Extend drain intervals, reducing maintenance costs and downtime
  • Provide better protection for equipment, reducing costs related to repairs and replacement

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