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Thermal Oil and Heat Transfer Fluid Resources

Isel has developed significant expertise in industrial heat transfer fluid applications. We are here to equip you and your staff with valuable product information, training, technical properties and key product benefits.

For technical data sheets and detailed application information, please see our product pages.

Have Questions? Our expert staff will work with you to understand the unique real-world environments your systems go into and recommend the ideal fluid for those unique situations. Contact us.


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Common Heat Transfer Fluid Problems: Thermal Cracking

Problem: Thermal Cracking Thermal Cracking or degradation occurs when a fluid is heated above the maximum bulk temperature causing the covalent Carbon-Carbon bond to disintegrate into electrovalent bonds. This leads to the formation of molecules with lower molecular weights than the original molecule. Thermal cracking causes a reduction in viscosity, flash point, fire...

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Common Heat Transfer Fluid Problems: Contamination

Problem: Contamination Contamination occurs in a heat transfer system when a something other than the heat transfer fluid is introduced into the system, potentially causing wide variations in the properties of the original fluid. Common fluid contaminants include water and used heat transfer fluids.  Cause:  Pipe/vessel leaks may cause contaminants to enter into the...

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